Overcome the challenges of constant change

ChangeQuest’s training courses can help you and your organisation manage people, projects and change more effectively, to continue to transform and adapt in fast-changing times.

Our approach combines a rich mix of expertise to help you achieve the right balance between focusing on the process side of delivering projects with supporting people through the emotional roller-coaster of fast-paced change.



Integrate change into business-as-usual for lasting, measurable results

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Bring people along with you to make real change happen

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Deliver projects successfully and keep pace with changing business needs

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Change is challenging, don't go it alone


Training solutions to suit you

Gain professional certification or opt for
more tailored training to address specific
business needs

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Consultancy and Coaching

Expertise and support in a tailored and
flexible way to help you achieve your

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Whether you are

  • Directly responsible for delivering projects or change
  • Supporting the delivery teams to ensure a joined up approach
  • Responsible for developing capability to continually adapt and be change ready
  • Accountable for business transformation and ensuring a return on investment

We can help you achieve your goals more efficiently and with less stress.

With the help and guidance of our experienced team, you will be amazed by what can be achieved in a short space of time.
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Case studies


Skills development at the British High Commission

The British High Commission in Nigeria invested in workforce training to improve change management capability. They wanted to ensure the staff had the opportunity to benefit from the latest qualifications and best practice guidelines.

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IMGROUP meets changing
business needs

A changing business focus from technical consulting to business focused senior level consulting meant developing new competencies: Agile project delivery, change management, leadership and behavioural skills.

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Improving organisational capability at NHBC

The PMO’s remit at NHBC was expanded to include all strategic projects across the business. They needed to make project management more accessible to people across different business functions and improve project delivery.

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5 Ways to Stay Calm and Deliver the Project

Most of us are aware that becoming angry, fearful or frustrated gets in the way of clear thinking, so it pays to stay calm. But when we’re under pressure and our emotions are rising, then it’s really hard to achieve this. Psychologist Dr Kevin Ochsner suggests 5 ways we can…

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How Much Uncertainty can we Take?

We live in a world where uncertainty is becoming the norm. Few would now assert with any confidence that they can predict what the future will bring, and we see increasing evidence that things are changing faster – daily, hour by hour even – invalidating any baselines against which we…

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Change Effectiveness: Walking the Talk!

There’s a lot of change going on at ChangeQuest at the moment – an irony that’s not lost on me! Our business has been growing and growing since I started in October 2014 and with it the size of the team, the experience, talents, and the opinions that go with…

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A Triumph for Teamwork

A Triumph for ‘Teamwork’ over ‘Individuals with Talent’ There was an outbreak of joy in the early weeks of May centred on the City of Leicester, but shared throughout the country for people who follow football and even those that don’t. Leicester City Football Club (LCFC), 5,000 to 1 outsiders,…

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Leadership book

“Ranjit Sidhu has a knack for getting at the crux of a problem in group dynamics and power relationships.”
PM World Journal

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