Improving organisational
capability at NHBC


Established in 1936, NHBC is the home warranty provider of choice, currently insuring over 1.6m homes, with a market share of approximately 80%. Over the course of its history, it has provided warranty for around 30% of the total existing housing stock in the UK, which equates to over 7 million homes.

Simon Darby
Business Programme Manager,

“Having worked with ChangeQuest for many years now, I have been impressed with the level of experience and ability of the team.” says Simon. “They bring credibility and training know-how – they’re experts in engaging with their audience, designing and delivering quality training. Using their team helped us deliver a superior service to the rest of the business.”


In 2013, a strategic decision was made to extend the responsibility of the NHBC IT Project Management Office to include the governance of all strategic projects across the entire business.

Simon Darby, Business Programme Manager at NHBC, comments “This was significant for us as a team. Previously we had only been responsible for IT projects, and this decision meant we would be responsible for managing projects across the entire business – encompassing business change, IT change, marketing, claims and operations, and more. We realised we would need a wider variety of skills and tools to help us succeed.”

NHBC began working in partnership with ChangeQuest to roll out a programme of tailored training across different business functions.


Having reviewed the frameworks and processes in use at NHBC, ChangeQuest developed a range of project and programme management modules, using specific NHBC terminology and project examples.

The modules were then tailored further to address the needs of the different departments across the organisation, covering claims, operations, product development, major projects team, infrastructure and IT, sales and marketing.

NHBC recognised that people skills were just as vital to the success of a project as formal project management skills and wanted to build these into the development programme. ChangeQuest incorporated behavioural skills training to help improve communication and collaboration across the various teams.

The staff at NHBC now have access to a training and development service which they can access via the company intranet.


“We set out to implement a new framework for project governance, that would give us the flexibility to manage all of our projects, and that is what we achieved. As a result of the training provided, our project and programme managers are clear on what is required of them, are able to apply the framework, regardless of whether the teams are using Agile approaches, or traditional waterfall models” describes Simon. “They are also better equipped to provide the right level of leadership and direction to their project teams, to enable more effective delivery.”

Simon continues “We now have the agility to respond to business change, combined with the appropriate control and discipline to manage and govern projects across the company. Working with ChangeQuest has been immensely valuable, and I am confident our team now has the tools and skills in place to achieve measurable results.”

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