Change Management Consulting & Coaching

Learn by doing

Working in partnership with you we adopt the role of trusted advisor, offering expertise and support in a tailored and flexible way, as and when you need it. We will work alongside you to help you achieve your outcomes, rather than doing the work for you and leaving without transferring skills and know-how. So you learn by ‘doing’ and at your own pace.

Resolve issues faster

During our coaching and consulting, we always take into account the wider context in which you operate. This multi-dimensional view helps to identify the real issues and has longer term benefits. We help you understand the links between peoples’ attitudes, their behaviours, and the type of organisational culture you are working within, so you can map out the most appropriate route for your journey through the muddle that times of transition can create.

Enhance your skills

You may be looking for coaching and consulting to develop your skills through a particularly challenging time on a project or you may want advice on how best to approach a specific problem. This type of support is invaluable following training courses, helping you apply new skills and techniques effectively and building confidence to achieve the results you want, quicker.

Achieve amazing results

With the help and guidance of our qualified and experienced team, you will be amazed by what can be achieved in a short space of time. We will measure progress and give you valuable information that you can continue to build into your on-going development plans, making it a valuable investment for the future.

Change Management Consulting & Coaching

Examples of how our coaching & consulting supports our clients

  • Develop a change management strategy and plan
  • Develop change management framework and toolkit
  • Update project management framework to incorporate more agile ways of working
  • Establish appropriate project and change governance
  • Conduct organisational change impact assessment
  • Identify the obstacles to change and the level of resistance, to help overcome issues
  • Help leadership and management teams align to support strategic goals
  • Develop change and project management capability with training and practical guidance

What our clients say

For more information about change management consultancy and coaching, or to discuss the benefits of change management and effective project management during a time of transition, contact us on +44 (0)1276 34480 or email: [email protected] or complete the enquiry form.