When faced with challenging deadlines, and the pressures that go with managing projects, it’s easy to get caught up with ensuring that tasks get completed and checklists get ticked. This can be at the expense of having those difficult conversations with upset stakeholders and disgruntled team members; the people who ultimately determine whether the project is a success or failure.

Project managers and leaders need to be just as comfortable with managing conflict and motivating teams as they are with planning their work and conducting a risk analysis. This 2 day course explores a range of useful models and ideas to help overcome the common pitfalls and build the skills needed to get the most from project teams.

What the course covers – duration 2 days

  • Recognising stakeholder dynamics and different sources of power
  • Barriers to communication
  • Recognising different kinds of biased thinking
  • Influencing perceptions and managing expectations
  • Setting up and leading effective teams
  • Managing the stages of team development
  • Understanding the causes of conflict and managing conflict
  • Different leadership styles

Training to meet your specific needs

In-company training means we can tailor the content to focus on the issues and topics that are most pertinent for your organisation. Specific topics can be hand-picked to align with your priorities and address the needs of different groups across the business.

In-company training:

  • Offers you the convenience of choosing when and where the training takes place
  • Minimises travel and accommodation overheads and can be more cost-effective
  • Allows your teams to work with their actual examples, discuss their specific challenges and find solutions together
  • We get to know your ways of working and culture, before the course begins
  • Post-course support includes follow-ups to review progress
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Why choose us?

  • Our focus is on your needs, making the course relevant and practical so you get greater value for your investment
  • Our innovative and experiential learning approach facilitates learning that will stretch and challenge you, whilst keeping it enjoyable and fun
  • We ‘walk the talk’ and have repeatedly demonstrated how to achieve outstanding results
  • All our trainers have ‘real world’ practical experience and a rich mix of expertise, so they can relate the theory to your issues and wider organisational context
  • Exceptional customer service, before, during and after the course.
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