Project sponsors may find themselves in a project sponsorship role because they are experienced project managers and are now taking on more responsibility as a board member. If this is the case, the main challenge can be shifting a mindset from managing a project, to ‘directing’ a project and providing appropriate leadership support and direction for the project manager.

Alternatively, a project sponsor may have little or no project management experience, and have another area of business expertise. People can find themselves in the role of project sponsor, because they will be responsible for ‘owning’ the results of what the project delivers. In this case their main challenges are around understanding what is required of them in that role, and understanding what to expect from the project manager.

The sponsor’s contribution can make the difference between the success or failure of a project, and the importance of this role should not be underestimated.

What the course covers – duration 1 day

  • The sponsor’s responsibilities in directing a project
  • Making effective decisions throughout the project lifecycle
  • Supporting project managers in delivering projects on time and to budget
  • Recognising early warning signs of potential project problems
  • Managing wider stakeholder groups
  • Linking project outcomes to wider programme initiatives

Training to meet your specific needs

In-company training means we can tailor the content to focus on the issues and topics around sponsorship that are most pertinent for your organisation. Specific topics can be hand-picked to align with the experience of your sponsors and your specific priorities.

In-company training:

  • Offers you the convenience of choosing when and where the training takes place
  • Minimises travel and accommodation overheads and can be more cost-effective
  • Allows your teams to work with their actual project examples, discuss their specific challenges and find solutions together
  • We get to know your ways of working and culture, before the course begins
  • Post-course support includes follow-ups to review progress
Read more on tailored and bespoke options here.
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Why choose us?

  • Our focus is on your needs, making the course relevant and practical so you get greater value for your investment
  • Our innovative and experiential learning approach facilitates learning that will stretch and challenge you, whilst keeping it enjoyable and fun
  • We ‘walk the talk’ and have repeatedly demonstrated how to achieve outstanding results
  • All our trainers have ‘real world’ practical experience and a rich mix of expertise, so they can relate the theory to your issues and wider organisational context
  • We aim to deliver exceptional customer service, before, during and after the course.
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What our delegates say

“Excellent refresher on roles and responsibilities, and I have more clarity on governance structures and project phasing." Head of Division Public Sector