This resources area is valuable for background reading around our courses, and also to explore and learn more about Change Management, Project Management and People Skills.

We’ve included:

  • Descriptions of useful models, tools and techniques
  • Slideshows and videos with useful information
  • Articles and white papers on relevant topics
  • Information on related books

Models, tools and techniques

AgilePM® – what you need to know

Everyone seems to be talking about Agile. There’s a huge wave of enthusiasm and focus on it, and it’s being heralded as the way forward for the effective management of projects in the modern world.

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The Daily Stand-up

Daily Stand-up

There used to be a time when people thought the Daily Stand-up was something the local comedy club offered. However, over the last decade, Daily Stand-ups have become synonymous with agile project management methodologies.

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How to improve team effectiveness

This is a simple model which helps teams work more effectively. Rollin and Christine Glaser (1992) identified 5 factors as being key contributors to how well teams performed.

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Articles and white papers


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