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Change starts from within, and our people-focused services are designed to empower your teams. We offer change management training, consultancy, and accredited development programmes that equip your business with the skills and mindset needed to embrace change. By investing in your people, you foster a culture of adaptability and resilience, ensuring continued success in the face of uncertainty. Together, we can equip you with the right tools, skills, and mindset to not only navigate change but also thrive in it.

We can help you:

Support people through the emotional upheaval of constant change

Be equipped with the right tools to deliver in a more efficient and agile way

Have the confidence and mindset to make change happen

You will be inspired to embrace change, not feel overwhelmed by it

Choose the type of support that’s right for you

Accredited courses

Accredited courses

Gain a globally recognised qualification and successfully manage change initiatives. Approved by APMG International or AXELOS, our classroom and virtual accredited courses boost yours and your team’s specialist skills.

Tailored masterclasses

Tailored masterclasses

Address your priorities with short, power-packed sessions tailored for your organisation. Hand pick topics that match your priorities and get your teams working on real solutions via our in-house or online masterclasses.

Consultancy support

Consultancy support

Resolve issues faster and embed new ways of working with our expert guidance and support. Our remote and face-to-face consultancy services are tailored to give you as much or as little support as you need.

Working with ChangeQuest

Ranjit Sidhu
Founder of ChangeQuest

What makes us different?

We believe our understanding of people and processes makes us stand out. People need processes to solve problems. But processes only work if people are on board with them. Balancing the needs of both is one of the trickiest areas of change management.

We know what it takes to get them working in harmony.

We work in a practical and down to earth way, blending change and project management theory with your real-life examples.

We like to work in partnership with you, to know your organisation, culture, what makes things tick there, your challenges and your aspirations. Based on what you tell us, we design and deliver the level of support that’s right for you, whether that’s training, consultancy or both. We can also help you embed the change if you need us to.

We encourage people to learn by doing, to tackle change challenges head-on. But we’re with you on that journey, giving expert guidance and support as and when you need it.

We love seeing you and your teams unravel the complexities of change, create solutions and start to achieve your strategic goals.

Learn and grow

Your needs are at the heart of everything we do. Established in 2005 we offer training and consultancy support in Change management, Project management and People skills.

We help you and your organisation to manage people, projects and change with less stress and to increase effectiveness when implementing change to develop a change approach that improves organisational performance and builds capability.

Whether it is an in-company training course, an open course or a more bespoke consultancy offering you require, we will take the time to get to know you, to understand the obstacles you are facing, and work with you to find the right support and approach to implementing projects and managing organisational change in your business environment.

Combining a rich mix of expertise, we help you achieve the right balance between focusing on the process of delivering projects whilst supporting people through the uncertainty of fast-paced change. After all, one can’t happen without the other.

Apply new knowledge

Our aim is to provide impactful support and solutions that help people meet their goals and build the knowledge, skills and confidence to apply what is learned to their work. For those leading change we develop leadership and management skills that help overcome resistance to change so that it may be implemented more successfully and be transformational to your business.

For those impacted by change, we offer programmes to help people build their change resilience and to see how they can be more proactive in shaping change and making it happen in a way that is more doable for them.

For those responsible for delivering change we cover how they can integrate change management activities into project and programme management plans to develop a more joined-up approach to making organisational change happen.

Our experience and approach

We have experience in

  • A diverse range of safety-critical environments so we appreciate a culture of assurance, governance, risk management and health and safety
  • Large complex organisations undergoing major transformation programmes to develop their own organisational change management models and framework
  • Supporting cultural change processes moving from traditional top-down management approaches to more adaptive and agile ways of working
  • Working with smaller organisations who are growing rapidly and want to introduce more structure and best-practice approaches for change management and project management as they expand and deal with ongoing, transformational changes

We don’t believe that “one size fits all”, as each company has their own unique challenges to overcome, their own organisational development objectives, and change management and project management challenges. So we adapt our approach to meet the needs of each organisation to help them overcome these challenges and achieve their goals.

Our approach

We focus on your goals

We take time to get to know you, understand the obstacles you’re facing, and work with you to find the right support solution.

We build capability and capacity

We help you to build your skills so you have the confidence to put what you learn into practice and get the work done.

We act as expert guides

You learn by doing whilst tackling your real-life challenges with us as your expert guides every step of the way.

ChangeQuest has a strong team of trainers and consultants who are skilled facilitators, have real world experience and keep a practical focus.

ChangeQuest approach

What our clients say

Osadebe Ogwudile Testimonial
ChangeQuest 5 star rating

“The whole experience of working with ChangeQuest has helped us to see training in a different light. They think well beyond the delivery of the course, ensuring the quality of their training gives the widest possible benefits. We now have greater competence across our workforce, and a large number of staff have the skills to deliver extraordinary work. Their approach worked well for us and our teams have used the knowledge from that course daily. ChangeQuest is a one-stop shop for all learning & development connected with change management and project management. They offer the highest quality of training and excellent value for money.”

Osadebe Ogwudile, Learning & Development Manager, Foreign Commonwealth Office

Success stories

Organisations we’ve worked with

Our experience is vast and our clients come in all shapes and sizes. We work within many sectors including education, health, housing, local and national government, the media industry and arts.

All our programmes are based on our down-to-earth practical approach, combining change management and project management best practice with in-company examples that get teams working on real solutions.

We build strong relationships with our clients, helping them grow professionally and achieve strategic goals.

ChangeQuest customers
ChangeQuest clients
CQ clients

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Trusted experts, specialising in in-company professional development and support

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