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5 Trends in the global market for change management Jobs

The demand for skilled change management professionals is on the rise as organisations continue to adapt and transform in response to the rapidly evolving global landscape post pandemic. Businesses have faced huge challenges and have undergone momentous amounts of change over the past few years, and this won’t slow down in 2023.

To help you stay ahead of the curve, ChangeQuest have compiled a list of five key trends in the global market for change management jobs.

1. Increased demand for change management practitioners

Organisations are acknowledging the critical role that change management plays in driving successful transformations. The need for experienced professionals with expertise in guiding organisations through significant changes has increased significantly. As a result, the job market for change management specialists is experiencing growth, with more opportunities emerging across various industries and sectors.

2. A greater diversity of methods used in in change management practice

The 2022 Global Insights Report by the Change Management Institute highlights the changing nature of change management. Traditional change management approaches, such as the waterfall model, are becoming less common, while emergent approaches are gaining popularity. An effective change manager can grasp the context in which they operate and adapt their methods and tools to fit the situation, constantly adjusting based on the data gathered.

3. The need for soft skills and emotional intelligence

Change management professionals who can effectively leverage soft skills and emotional intelligence are in high demand. Turning resistance on its head can be a powerful lever for change managers, and those who possess the ability to create a culture of openness and collaboration will be highly sought after. Change managers are encouraged to stay up-to-date with the latest approaches and techniques for building trust and addressing concerns is crucial to ensuring successful change management initiatives.

4. Rising significance of communication

As the importance of effective communication continues to grow, change management professionals who possess strong communication skills and can effectively convey the benefits of change will be highly sought after. Staying up-to-date with the latest research and communication techniques and tools will be essential for change managers to remain competitive and effective in their roles.

5. End to end change capability across the full process of change

In today’s job market, obtaining a certification that offers an end-to-end process is a valuable asset for change managers, as highlighted in the 2022 Global Insights Report. This report emphasises the growing demand for change managers with the capability to oversee and facilitate the entire change journey, beginning from the initial design phase and leading to the successful implementation and achievement of desired business outcomes.

Stay ahead in Change Management

Staying ahead in the field of change management is essential for both job seekers and employers. As the field continues to evolve, change management professionals must adapt by developing new skills, embracing innovative methodologies, and understanding the unique challenges presented by emerging technology. By doing so, they can position themselves for success.

One way to demonstrate your expertise and commitment to the field of change management is by earning a certification. According to a recent APMG survey conducted on of learners who had taken a Change Management Foundation exam. 98% of respondents said the Change Management training and certification had made them a better Change Manager.

The APMG Change Management Foundation and Practitioner certification is an industry-recognised certification that provides a comprehensive understanding of change management. This certification programme offers a deep dive into the fundamentals of change management, including ways to overcome resistance to change and how to support people in embracing change. It can help change management professionals develop the skills needed to excel in their careers.

The APMG offers two levels of certification:

Change Management Foundation: Priced at £995 (+VAT), this course covers the fundamentals of change management, enabling participants to build a strong foundation in the field.

Change Management Combined Foundation and Practitioner: Priced at £1495 (+VAT), this comprehensive course combines both the Foundation and Practitioner levels, providing a more in-depth understanding of change management principles and practices. Both courses are interactive and offer participants the knowledge and skills they need to excel in the ever-evolving field of change management.

By staying informed about the latest trends in the global market for change management jobs and earning a certification, change management professionals can remain competitive in their careers and position themselves for success!

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