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ChangeQuest named a leader for AgilePM trainingWhen Craig Kilford, from Course Conductor, contacted us back in 2016, he explained he wanted to “Transform the way companies invest in learning for their employees, by using independent analytics and the customers voice.”

It was an easy decision to join him in the project as this level of transparency and authenticity is totally aligned to our ethos and principles.

The voice of the customer

Course Conductor is itself based on Agile principles with a big focus on the customer value. The outcome from their latest initiative is that companies can now get access to the independent customer voice and transparency about real value of training, when they are making important decisions about which course and training vendors to select.

Training, and in particular the in-house company training where we specialise, is not a one-size-fits-all situation. It’s important to find a training provider that understands and fits well with your company culture. Someone that can tap in to current thinking and help change behaviours and mindset to move the organisation forward.

Real life results

AgilePM was developed by the Agile Business Consortium. Together with examination body APMG-International, the Consortium is currently celebrating that 100,000 exams have been taken – it’s now the most popular agile project management qualification in the world.

This first report is based on unbiased feedback from 41 companies that invest in AgilePM® training and 3310 learners that attended AgilePM courses. This validates AgilePM, not simply as a qualification but as an approach that delivers significant results for organisations using it.

We were one of the first accredited training organisations to offer AgilePM and it has become a part of our culture. My background is in IT, and I used early versions of AgilePM for systems implementation projects. Now we use agile approaches for pretty much everything – from course development work to running the business and I use it at a personal level to manage my day to day work.

Developing business agility

Learning and growing are core values for me and at ChangeQuest we believe developing the confidence to learn and apply new skills is key for building business agility. That’s why we are so pleased to be verified as a ‘Leader’ for AgilePM training in the Trusted Training Radar which is based on high scores for both, confidence to deliver training outcomes and learner satisfaction.

The report also included a headline written by the Course Conductor analyst about ChangeQuest:

“Corporate clients highlighted on a number of occasions ChangeQuest’s ability to integrate agile ways of working during times of significant change. The personalised and motivational approach of the trainers was mentioned frequently by learners. ChangeQuest also scores highly for other change management related courses based on verified learner reviews on”

A holistic approach

The focus on collaboration and value which Agile instils gives businesses connectivity across all areas of the organisation, so that effort is better co-ordinated and better able to deliver strategy. An Agile mindset helps organisations stay effective amidst uncertainty, and sustain success within the fast-paced world we now operate in.

AgilePM is a valuable framework for organisations, and I find using elements from a range of other approaches such as Scrum, Lean and Kanban, also useful – it broadens possibilities for our clients, and helps to ensure they find an approach that fits well with existing processes.

Agility is not one fixed methodology, organisations need to be agile themselves and be prepared to customise their approach to fit well with their culture and the way they work. AgilePM offers a robust framework for organisations, and it teams up really well with facilitation skills training and change management too.

Course Conductor is overseen by an independent advisory board of 21 experts, that ensure a consistent, transparent and trusted approach. It’s a valuable initiative and we’re proud it has named us as a Leader. The Trusted Training Radar report is updated and published every 6 months so companies can see the latest performance KPI’s about AgilePM and the training vendors – we look forward to continuing to improve, and delivering maximum value to our clients.

If you’d like to read the full Trusted Training Radar™ for AgilePM, you can access it here.

ChangeQuest are a verified leader in AgilePM certifications

Definition of a Leader for AgilePM training:

“Training vendors verified as Leaders on the Trusted Training Radar™ have received the highest scores from multiple client organisations, all of which have confirmed consistent achievement of their target training outcomes, as well as the highest levels of customer service. Leaders have also received excellent course ratings from verified learners across all aspects of course experience. In addition, Leaders often contribute valuable content to the training industry, such as white papers, articles and blogs”.


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