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There’s a lot of change going on at ChangeQuest at the moment – an irony that’s not lost on me!

Our business has been growing and growing since I started in October 2014 and with it the size of the team, the experience, talents, and the opinions that go with them – so needless to say, it’s been an exciting experience so far. All this change is somewhat like a roller-coaster: it’s something that is both thrilling and terrifying at the same time. As always with change, one change seems to trigger another, and now we have an updated website AND a new brand identity …2016 has been a really big year so far and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon.

‘So how have we coped?’ you might be asking yourself. A fly on the wall would be looking for the proverbial ‘plumber with the leaky tap’ but actually being Change effectiveness: walking the talk!change specialists has come in handy!

We’ve had our project teams set-up, drawing on individual talents and working in the collaborative style that we are really known for. Everyone has been included on the key decisions, making sure that we are all aligned with the message moving forward – all good principles of team effectiveness.

Having a common vision is really important. And ChangeQuest IS really important to all of us – she is like our baby (even for the newest member of the team) and she’s growing up….fast!

The changes have been made in small, manageable chunks; we’ve planned to ensure that any big changes are not being conducted in parallel, so we can really devote our energies to each change individually. We’ve reviewed, we’ve tested and reviewed again. Where needed, we’ve been able to hit the pause button, review and adapt when things seemed at risk of going off track. We have changed our minds, agreed and disagreed lots of times – but at the end of the day we’ve gone on to make confident decisions together, so that we each have a vested interest in making these changes stick.

This little gem sprung to mind

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” —Henry Ford

Here’s hoping that it really does.

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