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Effective Facilitation Skills

  • 47% of employees complained that meetings were the #1 time-waster at the office.
  • Most employees attend an average of 62 meetings a month.
  • Unproductive meetings cost companies time and money.

Effective Facilitation skills are invaluable to help meetings run more smoothly, get quality decisions made quicker and increase stakeholder engagement.

Take our short quiz to check how you are doing against this list of good practices that skilful facilitators follow and find out if you are Facilitation Fanatic, Fan or Fledgling.

APMG-accredited Facilitation Certification

If you found this quiz useful and are looking to advance your facilitation skills, we are running an APMG-accredited Facilitation Certification course in March. This highly interactive workshop includes both the Foundation and Practitioner exams. You will learn the skills needed to become an effective facilitator, covering a broad range of practical facilitation tools and techniques and leaving you capable of stepping into a wide variety of situations and getting brilliant results from your teams.

Find out all the details here.

We’ve only got a few places remaining so don’t put it off – make 2018 the most productive and successful year yet for you and your team.

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