The British High Commission in Nigeria wanted to invest in workforce training to improve change management capability and ensure that the Commission could introduce new initiatives and changes, both effectively and efficiently. Managing change, and the impact of change, is an important part of the work of any government department, and it was important to ensure that staff had the opportunity to benefit from the latest qualifications and best practice guidance.


“I looked online for UK training companies that could offer change management training,” explains Osadebe Ogwudile, Learning & Development Champion for the British High Commission in Abuja. One website really stood out as showing the company really understood about change, and how to support people through times of change. I contacted ChangeQuest, and we have been working very closely with them since.”

ChangeQuest has now delivered courses in Abuja for the APMG-International Change Management Certification™, the Facilitation Certification, and the PRINCE2® Practitioner qualification.

“It’s not always easy organising courses overseas,” reflects Osadebe. “But ChangeQuest excels on logistics. Even for our first change management course, the text books and course materials arrived in plenty of time, allowing our delegates to prepare for the course and complete their pre-course work.

“Initially, the syllabus looked a bit daunting because the qualification is so rigorous, but the way that the trainer delivered the course gave everyone great confidence, and all eight delegates passed.

“The training was so successful that we immediately booked for a Facilitation certification and PRINCE2® as well. All ChangeQuest courses have been of the same high quality, with great results” he confirms.


“When we did our Change training,” Osadebe remembers, “We were inclined to worry just about the results, but the trainer was quick to remind us that the goal wasn’t only to have a qualification, but that our staff should gain valuable skills they could put into practice straightaway. Skills that would make a real difference to the effectiveness of the British High Commission. The ChangeQuest approach worked well, and our teams have used the knowledge from that course daily.

“The whole experience of working with ChangeQuest has helped us to see training in a different light. They think well beyond the delivery of the course,ensuring the quality of their training gives the widest possible benefits.

“We now have greater competencies across our workforce, and a large number of staff have the skills to deliver extraordinary work.”

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