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Thank you to all who registered and joined us for the recent webinar, “Streamlining Delivery for Effective Change,” part of a series of discussions focusing on the crucial aspects of project and change management.

This session focused in on delivering at speed — how to efficiently and effectively bring people along in the fast-paced environment of today’s organisations. Key insights explored include:

The necessity of speed: Recent McKinsey findings underscore the importance of speed in organisational success, correlating rapid delivery with better financial performance, innovation, and resilience.

Blending delivery approaches: We discussed navigating the balance between traditional and agile methodologies, emphasising that most organisations benefit from a mix to address varying degrees of uncertainty and stability across projects.

Change management integration: The session highlighted various change management approaches, from traditional models like Lewin’s unfreeze-change-refreeze, to more agile and lean methodologies, stressing the importance of respect, engagement, and support for individuals throughout change processes.

Critical themes: Across both delivery and change management, several themes emerged as vital for success:

  • Clear alignment with organisational goals and purpose.
  • Effective governance and decision-making frameworks.
  • Ongoing stakeholder engagement and communication.
  • Emphasis on agility and flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

Effective project governance: Understanding the interfaces between governance layers and operational teams is key, particularly in environments employing both agile and traditional methods. Establishing clear terms of reference and objectives at both the program and team levels ensures alignment and facilitates smoother delivery.

The Importance of preparation: Taking time to establish clear goals, roles, and processes upfront saves time and resources later, even when it feels counterintuitive in a high-speed environment.

For those who wish to dive deeper into these discussions, the complete webinar recording is now available.

We invite you to join us for the final webinar in our series on Ways to Embed and Sustain Change, scheduled for 19th April. This session will build on our discussions by focusing on how to ensure the lasting impact of change initiatives.


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