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We’ve summarise some of the key takeaways from our recent webinar “Top five skills change managers need today“.

Don’t worry if you missed it, you can now revisit the complete webinar recording.

Skill one: Responding to a rapidly changing world

Rapid technological advancements are continually changing the way we operate, and we must adapt to stay relevant. Black Swan events (a totally unexpected and unpredictable event that cannot be forecast), though unpredictable, are becoming more frequent. Being prepared and adaptable is vital.

Skill two: Continually learning and growing:

To stay current, it’s imperative to recognise gaps in your skillset and seek continuous development. While technical skills open doors, personal development ensures they remain open. The most successful professionals are those who never stop working on improving themselves.

Skill three: Dealing with uncertainty:

Embrace challenges head-on. Adopt a “challenge mindset” where obstacles are viewed as opportunities for growth and learning. Being adaptable, always eager to learn and fostering resilience are crucial traits for any change manager today.

Skill four: Managing your energy and time

It’s essential to sustainably manage your energy, especially in fast-paced environments. It’s not just about a short burst of effort but maintaining consistent performance. Post-pandemic, organisations have continued to experience this fast paced intensity, with no signs of slowing down.

Skill five: Remaining adaptable and flexible

Being adaptable and flexible is paramount. Everything discussed aids in fostering adaptability and resilience. When involved in projects or change programmes, it’s essential to constantly assess where your efforts are channelled and the outcomes they yield. Are they producing the desired effects? If not, adjustments may be necessary. It’s crucial to recognise our natural inclination to become attached to our ideas, especially those we’ve heavily invested in. This attachment might hinder our flexibility. So, it’s vital to periodically check in with ourselves to ensure we maintain adaptability.

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Stay tuned for Part two: Engaging with difficult-to-reach stakeholders.

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