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wellbeingWellbeing and self-care are trends worth promoting not only because they feel good, but because they lead to better productivity and happier people.

It’s about looking after yourself and your team members, not expecting them to work all hours. It is possible to finish work at 5.30 and still meet project deadlines.

(The business leaders and entrepreneurs who win the highest accolades and run the most successful companies might operate to 24/7 work schedules themselves but they do not ask their employees to follow suit – instead they promote their wellbeing, encourage their personal development and recognise that contented staff deliver fabulous service.)

How to avoid “busyness”

The key is being purposeful, working on what is important rather than just being busy with irrelevant things.

If we fall into the trap of trying to keep up with the overwhelming pace of today’s world we will flounder in a constant state of “busyness.” And it’s easy to confuse being “busy” with being efficient.

But there will always be more emails in the inbox, more ideas and projects to get started, more to read, more meetings and reports to produce. It’s not possible to get through an infinite list (only Buzz Lightyear could go to “Infinity and beyond!”)

Making high-value work your priority

Being effective means taking deliberate decisions to make a priority of high-value work and schedule a limited time for low-value work.

It’s also about resilience, and taking time to rest and reset your brain if it feels submerged in “stuff.”

According to a study in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, solitude away from people (and our phone) is essential to recharge our overstimulated brains. Just 15 minutes alone is enough to deactivate our stressful emotions.

Thriving in fast-changing times

It’s not about being lonely, it’s about the joy of being calm. A short break from our busy devices and bantering colleagues.

The extension of self-care is caring for others, also crucial for PM and change management.

Connecting with people, collaborating, partnering … this is how to inspire enthusiasm, overcome resistance, embed change and shape its impact. The way to make sure you and your people thrive in fast-changing times.

This has been very topical for us at ChangeQuest in the last year – we’re expanding, launching new courses and developing new services – so I’m keen to spread the word about focusing on wellbeing for yourself and the rest of your team.

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