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There is good news for change management professionals. The Change Management qualification from APMG International has been updated. This reflects the continually evolving and changing landscape of change management and ensures alignment with the latest version of the Change Management Body of Knowledge, from the Change Management Institute.

The updated change management qualification, version 3, was launched in March 2024. It is based on the recently released Change Management Study Guide (2024).

This guide is a streamlined and concise resource, designed to cover everything in the Change Management Foundation and Practitioner course syllabus.

Change management course syllabus areas

The study guide is structured into five main topic areas:

  • Organisational context and approach
  • People and change
  • Change leadership and teams
  • Stakeholders and communication
  • Work of the change manager

These topics reflect the five main syllabus areas in the updated change management qualification. This is a change from the previous version of the change management course, which had just four syllabus topic areas:

  • Change and the individual
  • Change and the organisation
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Change management practices

Key changes to the latest change management course

Topics that have had a substantial update or are new to the latest version of the change management course

  • Developing a change management strategy
  • Change management cycle
  • Introduction to co-design of change
  • Change models like ADKAR and other n-step approaches to change
  • Agile practices in a change management context
  • Implications of neuroscience findings
  • Positive psychology and resilience
  • Leadership and psychological safety
  • Developing an effective team
  • Use of metrics and data analytics in change management
  • Dealing with resistance to change
  • Handling conflict
  • Coaching to support change
  • Emergent change
  • Organisational culture
  • Integration of stakeholder engagement and communication
  • Developing a change communication strategy
  • Conducting change impact and severity assessments
  • Facilitating for co-design

Topics with little change to how they were in the previous version of the change management course

  • The change curve
  • Bridges transition model
  • Individual differences
  • Organisational change roles
  • Learning theory
  • Learning styles
  • Levels of change adoption
  • Sustaining change and organisational change levers
  • Phases of team development

The duration of the change management course and structure and format of the foundation and practitioner exams remains the same. More information on the exams and course content can be found here

What the new changes mean for Change Managers

The updates to the latest version 3 reflect the evolving needs of the change management profession, providing learners with a focused curriculum that develops core change management skills. By offering a streamlined study guide and refreshed syllabus topics, this latest version ensures that change professionals receive training that prepares them to successfully navigate the complexities of organisational change.

Whether you are new to change management or a seasoned practitioner, this latest new version brings valuable insights and practical strategies to elevate your skills and deepen your understanding.

Are you ready to build your change management expertise?

ChangeQuest is now offering the latest version of the accredited change management foundation and practitioner course.  There are scheduled public open courses run as virtual live events that you can book on. We also offer in-company courses for teams, that can be run in-person at your offices or at a location convenient for you.

Gain a globally recognised change management qualification from ChangeQuest – we have been involved in developing this qualification since it was first launched in 2009 and have played a key part in the development of this latest version.

Change management version 3 update workshop

If you already have the Change Management Practitioner certification but would like to stay current and learn more about the content covered in the latest version of this qualification, we can run a version 3 update workshop for you and your team. This is a focused workshop that covers in detail the new topics included in the latest release and acts as a bridge between the previous and new versions.

Whatever your current level of expertise, this change management qualification is designed to elevate your career and ensure you are well-prepared for any change that may come your way.

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