Certified Local Change Agent (CLCA)


Course overview

Change Agents are the boots on the ground of any corporate change programme – motivated, enthusiastic, persuasive employees who can lead the way and help others through the stresses and strains of transition.

Focusing on both the process and the people aspects of change, the Local Change Agent certification teaches you vital skills such as active listening, influencing strategies, leveraging group dynamics and force-field analysis.

You will learn how to facilitate, overcome resistance and develop a local change management plan that engages your people.

Local Change Agent certification content

The following areas are covered during this course

  • Understanding and supporting people
    Active listening, Managing transition, Learning model and learning dip
  • Process mapping
    Benefits of process mapping, Block diagrams and flowcharts
  • Change readiness
    Assessing change readiness, Understanding training needs and skills coverage, Recognising and dealing with resistance, Force field analysis
  • Change Agents role in change management
    Change Agent’s role, Change Agents and sources of power
  • Facilitating change
    Role of the facilitator, Using questions to facilitate discussion, Capturing and organising information, Preparing a group process and agenda, Practical tools and logistics for facilitation, Group dynamics and different personalities
  • Stakeholders and communication
    Identifying and analysing stakeholders, AIDA communication model, Influencing styles
  • Putting it all together
    Developing a local change management plan

Local Change Agent course information

Who is it for?
  • Team leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Junior and senior managers
  • Non-managerial staff
  • People wishing to understand how to adapt to organisational change, who might not be pursuing a specialist change manager role
  • This CLCA certification is suitable for anyone involved in change at any level in the organisation – if there is change happening in your area, you will benefit from this course
What will I learn?
  • Effective approaches to help people engage with organisational change including:
    Involving colleagues in local activities
    Personal support and training
    Clear, concise communication
  • How to align changes in your department or vicinity with wider organisational changes
  • How to develop succinct local change plans which consider:
    What will specifically change in their work area
    How those changes can be best introduced
  • Creating solid bridges and purposeful relationships between your work area and line managers and change professionals
How will I benefit?
  • As an individual taking the course you will learn a wide range of tools and techniques to support people through change, and gain new skills and the confidence to successfully help people deal with change and make it happen. CLCAs need not enter a dedicated role – certified individuals will typically continue their BAU activities while also contributing as invaluable members of organisational change initiatives.
  • As part of organisational development, growing this capability amongst people across the organisation will help increase the level of adoption of change and ensure benefits are realised. Equipping more people to proactively facilitate change allows organisations to adapt more quickly in response to the level of disruption all industries now face and stay ahead of competition.
Exam structure
  • Multiple-choice format and open book
  • 45 minutes duration, with 40 questions
  • Pass mark 50%
  • Takes place on the afternoon of the second day

Included in your Local Change Agent training

Local Change Agents Handbook
  • The course textbook Local Change Agent’s Handbook
  • Pre-course support and study guide
  • Course materials
  • Examination fees
  • Post-course support
  • You can run this programme in the most convenient way for your organisation, either over consecutive days or split into separate modules.

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