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We are here to offer you practical support and guidance to help you unravel the issues, join up the dots and see the bigger picture so that you can take change management in your stride and tackle change challenges head-on with fresh skills and confidence.

How we do it

Our remote and face-to-face consultancy services are tailored to give you as much or as little support as you need

    • You will get down to earth, relevant guidance that’s easy to understand and apply


    • You will have a safe, supportive space to test out your ideas with our change experts


    • You will benefit from our experience working across organisations and cultures


    • You will ‘learn by doing,’ gain new skills and techniques and build confidence to achieve the results you want, quicker


    • You will emerge stronger and more resilient, able to face change with fresh skills and confidence
ChangeQuest consultancy

Here’s how we have helped people like you

Embed change
    • Developed change management strategies, plans, frameworks and toolkits


    • Updated project management frameworks to incorporate more agile ways of working


    • Identified the obstacles to change and the level of resistance, to help overcome issues within organisations


    • Helped leadership and management teams align to support strategic goals


    • Developed change and project management capability with training and practical guidance

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What our clients say


“Working with Ranjit was such a positive experience! She is a strong collaborator and went to great lengths to understand the underlying motivation and purpose of our programme before we commenced design work. She ensured that our work was always joined up, noting the various different workstreams and taking action to understand other wider system change in the business and how this would impact on our change programme. She worked hard to understand the various roles, responsibilities and activities of our business, and the needs of our workforce to be supported through a period of transformation. She brought this insight together with her subject matter expertise to help us design a change approach that is underpinned in research but also lived experience. Ranjit is a strong communicator, a great listener and a thoughtful practitioner, she has strong lived experience and this is always reflected in her practice.”

Jane Pound, People Director, Aster Group UK

Gunter Richter Testimonial

“ChangeQuest has always provided the guidance and flexibility we needed, whether that was providing in-house courses, out of hours training, or customised solutions. They relate well to our team and have a deep understanding of our business goals. Their breadth of offerings sets them apart; they are able to apply learnings from so many different disciplines which adds a real richness to the delivery.”

Günter Richter, Head of Business Consulting, Hitachi Consulting

Simon Darby Testimonial

“We set out to implement a new framework for project governance, that would give us the flexibility to manage all of our projects, and that is what we achieved. We now have the agility to respond to business change, combined with the appropriate control and discipline to manage and govern projects across the company. Working with ChangeQuest has been immensely valuable, and I am confident our team now has the tools and skills in place to achieve measurable results.”

Simon Darby, Business Programme Manager, NHBC

Other types of support we offer

Accredited courses

Accredited courses

Gain a globally recognised qualification and successfully manage change initiatives. Approved by APMG International or AXELOS, our classroom and virtual accredited courses boost yours and your team’s specialist skills.

Tailored masterclasses

Tailored masterclasses

Address your priorities with short, power-packed sessions tailored for your organisation. Hand pick topics that match your priorities and get your teams working on real solutions via our in-house or online masterclasses.

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