Introduction to Change Management

Introduction to Change Management

Learn how to overcome resistance and embed change so your people can develop new skills and deal with the pressures of fast-paced change.

shape behaviour

Change Management for Line Managers

Learn how to shape behaviour, to build and sustain a change ready culture that overcomes the stresses and anxiety of continuous and fast-paced change.

change readiness

Resilience and Change Readiness

Learn how to be more resilient and develop a change-ready mindset that transforms challenges into opportunity. It’s not about bouncing back – it’s springing forward!

strong connections

Communicating and Influencing Skills

Learn how to tap into people’s motivations and build strong connections to make projects and change a smooth process rather than an uphill struggle.


Introduction to Programme Management

Learn how to set up a programme, establish a clear governance structure and put appropriate monitoring in place to ensure a return on investment.

project management

Introduction to Project Management

Learn how to establish a project with a solid foundation, a robust plan and appropriate mechanisms for capturing risks and managing expectations.

project leadership

Project Leadership

Learn how to motivate teams, manage conflict and build resilience. Explore different leadership styles for greater influence and to develop stronger people.


Project Sponsorship

Learn how to provide effective direction and appropriate challenge for your project teams and create an environment for consistent project success.

facilitation skills

Practical Facilitation Skills

Learn how to bring groups together to make decisions and resolve issues by following an effective process that draws out the best from the skills and knowledge of the group.

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