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Tailored masterclases

change management training

Introduction to Change Management

Learn how to overcome resistance and embed change so your people can develop new skills and deal with the pressures of fast-paced change.

This Introduction to Change Management Masterclass is perfect for those facing challenging times of change or preparing for transition.

Duration: 1 day

Prepare your people for change so they’re ready to make it happen.

This Introduction to Change Management short course will teach your team how to identify barriers to change, overcome resistance and embed new ways of working.

You’ll be using real-world examples from your own organisation and learning a broad range of change management techniques.

  • The need for organisational change management
  • Factors that contribute to successful change
  • Understanding the drivers and potential barriers to change
  • Delivering change vs transition and bringing about real change
  • Causes of resistance to change
  • Strategies for overcoming resistance to change
  • Adopting and embedding change
Prema Sagar Testimonial
ChangeQuest 5 star rating

“Making the training specific to the team made us think, collaborate and come up with relevant gaps in managing change. I have taken down programme specific actions – which means I loved this training! The course was great and I love that it was very practical.”

Prema Sagar, Senior Project Manager, Higher Education

Change management course

Change Management for Line Managers

Learn how to shape behaviour, to build and sustain a change ready culture that overcomes the stresses and anxiety of continuous and fast-paced change.

This Change Management Masterclass will enable Line Managers to build a culture of change within their organisation that gets their team on board with new ways of thinking and working.

Duration: 1 day

Get the best from your people so change leaves them stronger.

This Change Management for Line Managers short course teaches you how to build a culture of change that gets your people on board with new ways of thinking and working.

Learn how to role-model behaviours that make change stick, support those who are struggling and convince your team of the benefits ahead.

We’ll work on real-life examples from your business so you’re solving genuine problems as you learn.

  • Line Managers role in enabling organisational change
  • Identify the ‘gap’ between the desired outcome and current reality
  • How to gauge current levels of resistance and readiness to change amongst their team
  • Understand ‘transition’ and the strategies necessary to support people on the change journey
  • Recognising the behaviours required to role model change
  • Developing a culture that supports adapting to change
  • Identify the helping and hindering factors to achieving the desired outcome
Resilience training

Resilience and Change Readiness

Learn how to be more resilient and develop a change-ready mindset that transforms challenges into opportunity. It’s not about bouncing back – it’s springing forward!

The outcome of this Resilience and Change Readiness Masterclass is a team around you who are motivated, empowered and committed.

Duration: 1 day

Learn the skills of transformative resilience to grow and get ready for change.

In a world where the pace of change keeps getting faster, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by uncertainty without having the head space to think ahead.

This Resilience and Change Readiness short course teaches you the skills of transformative resilience, because bouncing back to the status quo is no longer enough.

Working with examples from your own business, you’ll discover how to learn from stress and failure, emerging from adversity far stronger than before.

  • Raising your self-awareness
  • Increasing sense of ownership and commitment
  • Being proactive about dealing with challenges
  • Dealing with uncertainty
  • Tools for problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Connecting and relating with others
  • Strategies for dealing with stress
  • Learning how to learn
  • Linking beliefs, behaviours and results
  • Fixed vs growth mindset
  • Dealing with emotions in difficult situations
ChangeQuest learner
ChangeQuest 5 star rating

“Very, very good strategies to communicate change, recognise my limitations and take self-care seriously. I have gained a better understanding of resilience and practical tools to use with my team.”

Temi Bufford, Unit Leader, Local Council

Communication skills course

Communication and Influencing Skills

Learn how to tap into people’s motivations and build strong connections to make projects and change a smooth process rather than an uphill struggle.

Encourage buy-in and greater commitment, get teams working more effectively, and understand how to influence key stakeholders and customers.

Duration: 1 day

Communication and engagement are at the heart of any successful project or change initiative.

This Communication and Influencing Skills development course teaches you how to recognise and tap into people’s motivations, and build a strong connection with them, using real-life examples from your organisation.

You’ll be ‘on the same wavelength’ instead of facing an uphill struggle to get cooperation.

  • Understanding how perceptions are formed
  • Working with different communication styles
  • Recognising and working with people’s motivational traits
  • Leveraging the power of words and language
  • Objectively weighing up multiple perspectives to reach win-win outcomes
  • Shifting comfortably across different levels within the organisation
facilitation skills training

Practical Facilitation Skills

Learn how to bring groups together to make decisions and resolve issues by following an effective process that draws out the best from the skills and knowledge of the group.

Discover practical facilitation tools and techniques that lead to productive meetings, resulting in clear decision making and greater commitment from all involved.

Duration: 1 day

The critical ingredient for successful and productive face to face and virtual meetings.

With this Practical Facilitation Skills short course learn how to avoid meetings that are poorly run and frustratingly ineffective.

With a growing need to work in a more collaborative way, facilitation skills are becoming increasingly important.

An effective facilitator makes progress easier by skilfully enabling a smoother process for interactions that lead to quality decisions and shared understanding.

These are essential requirements for organisations facing fast-paced, constant change.

  • A facilitation approach based on the Process Iceberg Model
  • How and when to use a range of key facilitation tools and techniques
  • Tools for data collection, prioritisation and problem resolution
  • Preparation and planning essentials for a successful outcome
  • Balancing the needs of the group with achieving the task
  • Maintaining effective communication throughout the process
  • Diagnosing and dealing with potential problems and issues in real time
  • Conducting a review for lessons learned
ChangeQuest learner
ChangeQuest 5 star rating

“The course has given us some really key takeaways as a team, particularly around how important planning and preparation is when it comes to facilitation! A massive thank you to ChangeQuest – the sessions were brilliant and very engaging.”

Hannah Mason, Digital Experience Analyst, Non-profit Organisation

Programme management course

Introduction to Programme Management

Learn how to set up a programme, establish a clear governance structure and put appropriate monitoring in place to ensure a return on investment.

This leading, best-practice approach is perfect for those new to programme management or wanting to contribute to a wider programme.

Duration: 1 day

Set up programmes with success built-in.

This Introduction to Programme Management short course teaches you how to define scope, establish key roles, maintain control and identify best practice for future initiatives.

The outcome is stronger people and a stronger organisation.

We’ll use real-life examples from your business so you’re solving genuine problems as you learn.

  • The relationship between programmes and projects
  • Core concepts and principles of programme management
  • Setting up and defining a programme
  • Establishing the programme organisation and key roles
  • Managing the tranches of a programme
  • Reporting and control within a programme
  • Delivering capability and end of tranche reviews
  • Closing a programme
  • Programme review
Project management course

Introduction to Project Management

Learn how to establish a project with a solid foundation, a robust plan and appropriate mechanisms for capturing risks and managing expectations.

This Introduction to Project Management masterclass is perfect for those new to project management or working as part of a wider project team.

Duration: 1 day

Set up projects with success built-in.

This Introduction to Project Management short course teaches you how to create a robust plan, kick start a project into action and enhance your stakeholder engagement skills to ensure buy-in.

Learn the core concepts and principles of project success whilst tackling real-world examples from your organisation.

  • Characteristics of a project compared to business as usual
  • Core concepts and principles of project success
  • Getting a project started
  • Defining a suitable planning approach
  • Establishing appropriate reporting and control
  • Effective change control
  • Capturing and managing risks
  • Communication and managing stakeholder expectations
ChangeQuest learner
ChangeQuest 5 star rating

“I was interested in attending the course as am working on a large-scale project which requires a lot of management! I have gained so many things, but particularly the use of agile project planning and iterative project development. The course was great, really enjoyable, useful and engaging.”

Katy Hudson, Curatorial Assistant, Museums

project leadership course

Project Leadership

Learn how to motivate teams, manage conflict and build resilience. Explore different leadership styles for greater influence and to develop stronger people.

This Project Leadership Masterclass will enable you to help your people develop new skills, grow professionally and personally, and achieve strategic goals.

Duration: 2 days

Lead projects that get results, no matter how challenging the circumstances.

Learn how to identify potential threats to successful delivery and avert them, manage stakeholders and ensure deadlines are met, all using real-world examples from your organisation, that will give you an invaluable head start.

This Project Leadership short course teaches you how to focus on the human aspects that underpin successful projects, rather than simply ticking checklists.

Using real-life examples from your organisation you’ll learn how to have difficult conversations, manage disgruntled stakeholders, navigate your way through different power dynamics and build strong, engaged teams.

  • Recognising stakeholder dynamics and different sources of power
  • Barriers to communication
  • Recognising different kinds of biased thinking
  • Influencing perceptions and managing expectations
  • Setting up and leading effective teams
  • Managing the stages of team development
  • Understanding the causes of conflict and managing conflict
  • Different leadership styles
Anna Strange-Bennett Testimonial
ChangeQuest 5 star rating

“This leadership course was brilliant. The course has taught me to use different structured feedback for teams and provided me with ways of delivering these and to use different comms with teams. The trainer was great and very engaging.”

Anna Strange-Bennett, District Development & Services Manager, Local Council

project sponsorship course

Project Sponsorship

Learn how to provide effective direction and appropriate challenge for your project teams and create an environment for consistent project success.

This Project Sponsorship Masterclass sets out your responsibilities as a project sponsor and teaches you the skills to keep your team on track whilst also considering the bigger picture.

Duration: 1 day

Gain the skills needed for a role that is pivotal to the success or failure of a project.

Learn how to identify potential threats to successful delivery and avert them, manage stakeholders and ensure deadlines are met, all using real-world examples from your organisation, that will give you an invaluable head start.

  • The sponsor’s responsibilities in directing a project
  • Making effective decisions throughout the project lifecycle
  • Supporting project managers in delivering projects on time and to budget
  • Recognising early warning signs of potential project problems
  • Managing wider stakeholder groups
  • Linking project outcomes to wider programme initiatives

Other types of support we offer

Accredited courses

Accredited courses

Gain a globally recognised qualification and successfully manage change initiatives. Approved by APMG International or AXELOS, our classroom and virtual accredited courses boost yours and your team’s specialist skills.

Consultancy support

Consultancy support

Resolve issues faster and embed new ways of working with our expert guidance and support. Our remote and face-to-face consultancy services are tailored to give you as much or as little support as you need.

What our clients say

ChangeQuest learner
ChangeQuest 5 star rating

“Useful tools to help identify where communication of change is needed and the different ways of doing it. Also highlighting the different perspectives other employees may have on change and how it affects their lives. Really good that it related to ‘real’ issues and examples in Guernsey and the Civil Service. Found it really useful to have the time to explore issues with colleagues and benefit from the experiences of others.”

Claire Barrett, Director of Policy, States of Guernsey

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