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Navigating emergent change – a blueprint for transforming organisations in face of future flux

There are widely accepted change management approaches that are well suited to managing change when conditions are stable, the desired end goal is known and how to get there is clear. However there is far less mentioned about how to deal with a fast paced, emergent situation with a great deal of uncertainty – and yet this is the reality we live in.

This level of uncertainty, and pace and volume of change are set to continue. So rather than wait for the storm to pass, we need to learn to ride the waves of uncertainty and flux.

This research study provides a fresh perspective on emergent change. It reveals how leaders and their teams in one division, faced with unparalleled levels of disruption, rose to the challenge and embraced change to ensure business services continued whilst keeping their colleagues safe.

Download this report for research highlights on:

  • Leader communication during change
  • Dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Taking action to implement change
  • Building change readiness

Find out how these invaluable lessons can provide a blueprint for dealing with emergent change.


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