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If the pace of change feels overwhelming, here’s pause for thought:

‘The pace of change has never been this fast… and yet, it will never be this slow again’

So said Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister.

McKinsey summarised, in a key takeaway from Davos 2018, that we need to fasten our seatbelts and get ready for an even more intense wave of business transformation.

Organisations that can’t keep up with the pace of change are doomed. They can no longer sit back and see what happens. The demise of companies like New Look, Toys R Us, Jaeger and Just for Pets are just some examples showing what happens if you get left behind.

The constantly increasing pace of change can leave organisations in a state of flux. Continuous change is normal life; it is not an extra nice-to-do. We need to weave it into the DNA of the organisation so that everyone is comfortable getting on with making change happen.

The answer isn’t to keep using the same old approaches, and just doing more of the same thing to make it bigger, better, faster, more efficient. Ultimately it comes down to people – they are the ones that make change happen – or scupper it.

People can be better prepared for this faster world, by adopting a more resilient attitude and mindset around change.

This paper covers three areas:

  • How the pace of change is increasing
  • How we can best prepare for it – in particular, attitudes and mindset around change
  • Practical ideas to help you support people through change in the future

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