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Gain vital skills in problem-solving, communication, stakeholder engagement and conflict management through our galvanising live-action sessions.

Help your teams address current topics, challenging issues and emerging themes,
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Choose from a range of different experiences

  • Project lessons from the Titanic sessions. Build the Titanic on stage and sink it – all in 45 minutes, our unique teambuilding events will fire up your people to see project management in a new way
  • Dealing with challenging change scenarios with the help of actors
  • Short drumming sessions to bring a team together and inject infectious enthusiasm into your own team-building event

“There are striking similarities between the time of the Titanic and now. There was a real sense of major transition at the turn of the 19th century, with new technology changing life for ever … our perspective on the story is on the people and leadership aspects”

Ranjit Sidhu’s book Titanic Lessons in Project Leadership


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