• "An absolutely fantastic trainer, extremely knowledgeable, the course was well paced, interactive and brilliantly valuable."

    Strategic Account Consultant, Pharmaceutical

  • "A great blend of practical experience of real-life change and focus on getting us through the exams."

    Portfolio Manager, Business Intelligence

  • "It helped focus my thinking, deepen my understanding and, on a practical level, provided a framework I can use to implement a change strategy."

    Product Development Manager, Biotech

  • “This course has exceeded my expectations. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone in a change role.”

    Change Manager, Publishing

  • “It was great to have the opportunity to be taught by Ranjit. She is an inspiration as a change advocate and very approachable and supportive.”

    Head of Business Change, Government

  • “Very useful introduction to change management” – I would recommend this course to anyone interested or leading Change in their organisation. Useful tools and ideas to engage stakeholders, understand driving and restraining forces and thinking about the change impact and associated risks.”

    Finance Business Partner, Media

  • “Hard work and fast moving but well taught and extremely useful knowledge” – There’s a lot of information to absorb and doing the pre-course reading is important if you want it to stick. I found the style of the trainer very engaging and the group discussions drawing on their real life experiences really helped in getting a fuller understanding of the concepts. That’s important for the practitioner level exam, which requires more than just recall. All in all it was an excellent week.

    Head of Service Development & Delivery, Media

  • “The trainer is excellent – her delivery style greatly aids focus and open discussion which helps imbed reading.”

    Head of SD&D, Media

  • “Very engaging trainer – managed to maintain interest and energy level throughout the week amongst all participants and actively engaged and stimulated input from everyone.”

    Finance Controls Manager, Media

  • “Excellent coverage of material, engaging conversations with tutor and attendees. Supportive one to one help with exam techniques.”

    Assurance Manager, Media

  • “This is a brilliant course which seamlessly weaves together theory and practical examples to providing invaluable toolkit for managing change, irrespective of your ‘day job’. Ranjit is an accomplished tutor who uses practical, anonymised examples from consulting commissions to illustrate learning points”

    Vice Chair South East Wales Branch, CIPD

  • “Fantastic course, highly recommend this to anyone involved in any aspect of change.”

    Independent, Change Management

  • “There is tremendous change taking place in central government following BREXIT so understanding the theory how individuals approach change and how team and directorates prepare themselves for change is really useful and timely.”

    Project Management, Government

  • “I would just like to say a big thank you to Ray for: doing all he could to keep us engaged with the volume of information we needed to learn; the examination tops tips (which I am sure helped my performance) plus finding us a bigger room for the final exam was great too; sharing extra information such as his blueprint; effectively managing such a lively group with humour and patience.”

    L&D Manager, Housing

  • “Ray was great – a really knowledgeable trainer who was passionate about getting the ‘practical’ & ‘back in the workplace’ knowledge into us. This for me has been excellent as that’s exactly what I’m doing. The group of people I met on the course and the sharing and learning from each other was invaluable. So much information sharing since the course has happened and we are all keeping in touch via email – what a network opportunity – thank you.”

    Change Manager, Housing

  • “It has been a fabulous course and experience. Ranjit is first class in her presentation/facilitation and has so much relevant experience and bank of knowledge in this whole area – she has provided us with very rich materials which I will use with my team (who are attending in July).”

    Head of L&D, Housing Association

  • “I was very impressed with the quality of instruction – I selected this course [provider] on the basis of cost and online reviews. Imagine my surprise when the tutor literally wrote the book! Good stuff.”

    Delivery consultant, Government

  • “Fantastic venue and the food was brilliant. Excellent trainer and really helped me to understand the topics in depth.”

    Quality Systems Administrator, Pharmaceutical

  • “Trainer was excellent – good illustrative examples from her change experience in day jobs. Helpful and patient, taking time to explain.”

    Business Change Lead, Media

  • “The trainer was very good at delivering the subject matter, he has a very warm personality, very supportive.”

    Corporate Services Officer, Government

  • “Many thanks – your customer service is excellent.”

    Change Manager, Housing 

  • “The trainer had a calm demeanour and varied his delivery style, which was good. He related well to the delegates.”

    Estates Charge Manager, Government

  • “Trainer was very willing and friendly, made sessions interesting – he is experienced and it showed.”

    Immigration Liaison Assistant, Government

  • “Great course, great delivery.”

    Director & Strategy Implementation, Parliament

  • "Good. Trainer has good communication skills and has a good grasp on the subject. Explained things in a very easy manner."

    Collator, Museum

  • “I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you all for your hard work in supplying and training the course I attended this week. It was extremely useful and well put together. I really appreciated the content and the way it was delivered was very delegate focused. I will be recommending you to my friends!”

    Head of Customer Service, Finance

  • “I have learned so much from your training that will assist me in my workplace. I have already started to use some of the strategies and tools and they are working remarkably well so far.”

    Interface Manager, Oil & Gas

  • “Thanks for all your support. The learning experience was very enjoyable and effective too. I will certainly use Change Quest again and recommend your courses to others.”

    Programme, Delivery and Change Manager

  • “Fantastic customer service!”

    Learning & Development Manager, HR

  • “Really enjoyable and interesting course, and really felt the trainer sought feedback and actioned it throughout.”

    Project Manager, Media

  • “The trainer was excellent, very knowledgeable and supportive.”

    Business Analyst, Housing

  • “Trainer was a natural with the ability to engage with the classroom at all levels. He kept the course moving without missing any of the key messages – the time flew by!”

    Project Manager, Logistics

  • “Enthusiastic, charismatic and knowledgeable trainer! Thanks a lot.”

    Independent, Consultant

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